дурацкий дневник


Will I ever make this on my own?

Nastia Kai
I'm staring in the mirror looking back at the person I hate (с)
How many times have you closed your eyes and listened to the rain beating on your window?
Fell into a deep sleep and never wanted to wake up to reality, with a blank expression on every face
My angst ripped through the pages where I fell asleep with a half empty pen by my side
Insecurities are hidden with the comforting words "I love you" meaningless as the next "fuck you"
A broken staircase never seemed so inviting, wherever I'm going I know I'm going down
It's still raining out, and the drains are almost full
It's a reminder of all those times I wish we stayed behind locked doors
Dead space is eating me alive from the inside out, leaving a gut sinking feeling
Will I ever make this on my own?(с)
дневным истерикам - да.

@музыка: more than life - never ender

@темы: наболевшее, пункты и задрочество, старое, цитаты

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